Your Time Is Up!

Your Time Is Up! short poem

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God came down silently
and softly took you away
in his loving arms.
The strongest fruit tree
took time to be uprooted.
Ravaged by confusion
and insensibility,
ties are not broken with ease.
No one dies before time.
All is predestined,
as was charted out for you.
You had to fly out
of the doors of
to make room
for the next to take over
your enviable seat.
Now our days are numbered.
It is the turn of the next
to hear the death-knell,
‘Your time is up!’

Poet’s Note:
The death of a parent is ravaging. When the next generation takes over, it is their turn to realize they too, have to die.

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Balveen Cheema

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Balveen Cheema has been teaching English for 25 years. It is at the ripe age of 60 that she started penning her thoughts into poetry. Being brought up and educated by her grandparents in a cosmopolitan environs of Pune and visiting her parents in rural Punjab during her vacations, she shuttled between the modern and rural backgrounds . A strong streak of romanticism with nature and rustic pleasures is evident in many of her poems. At present she is residing in Chandigarh and still enjoying her first love, poetry!
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Geetha Paniker

Death is the ultimate truth of life.


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