Freedom long poem

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We live in the land of the free.
Freedom that is hard to see.
Everyday another one of our rights is taken away.
Seeing this with eyes wide open sends me to my knees to pray.
People that are supposed to be good are bad.
When I think about this it makes me sad.

Many people in our country have forgotten how to call out his name.
They should be seeking God; yet they would rather let things stay the same.
Once in this land we could worship how we chose.
Now demands are being made and our fear shows.
You see violence everywhere you look.
The scenes before us, one would say comes from a book.

Many say that what this book says is untrue.
I suggest you read it for yourself and then choose.
Once you have read this book; God would have planted the seed.
Then it is up to you to choose what you believe.
You will learn that Jesus died on the cross.
You will realize your soul comes at a high cost.

Why would he do this you say??
When it was him you betrayed.
You received your answer in a sweet gentle way.
When you heard the Lord’s angel say.
“Jesus loves one and all.”
“He will never let you fall.”
“He died on the cross and rose again to put away sin.”
“He wants us all to live eternally with him.”

Your tears began to flow like rain.
On this day you decided you did not want to be the same.
You realized that this decision would not bring you fame.
You knew in this current position you could not remain.
You fell to your knees with a mournful and sorry heart.
You prayed to Jesus and asked him to forgive your sins and give you a new start.

Yes we live in the land of the free.
Most days this is hard to see.
Now that we still have the right to preach and teach.
Let’s bring the message of love, forgiveness, and new beginnings and see how many we can reach.
One day our Bible’s and rights will be taken away.
Read your Bible and believe and his words in your heart will stay.

Take this challenge and spread his word.
Make sure every word is understood.
When our rights are taken from us.
It is a time that in Jesus we must trust.
We are on a journey to where we truly belong.
Soon we will be home.
This is the day I want to see.
I know it will be the day that I am totally free.

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Andrea Counts

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I am 44 years old and my spouse is Darrell Counts, we met when we were in High School and started dating when I was 16 and he was 19. We were married when I was 18 and he was 22. We have some great times and some very sad times, but with the help of our savior Jesus Christ we are getting through. I have bee attending college for several years now, I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration w/c in Computer Information Systems. I currently attend Everest University working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Programming and I am currently looking for work. My hobbies are writing Christian Poetry (I have one book published "Walkng in God's Love" and another book finished; but not published yet. I enjoy reading a good Christian novel and watching Christian based movies like Courageous, the Grace Card. I love bowling and going out to a good movie with the hubby or friends. My main goal in life is to serve my Savior to the best of my ability and to make a difference in everything I do for his glory, not mine!
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