The Confession

The Confession short poem

I am so sorry
The first words you say
In your admission

I was wrong follows
next with down cast eyes
In your confession

the confession given in
hopes of forgiveness
is admission dressed
in pretty clothes

Your true intent is to ease
your mind and heart
But accept no role
in your crime

I said I would
Sleep on it
Drink on it
Think on it
Now, later, never

Forgiveness is given
with compassion and love
When confessions are given
with remorse and regret

You ask for forgiveness
With lies in your eyes
So I will
Sleep on it
Drink on it
Think on it
Now, later,

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I am so glad you are here. Please make yourself at home, here, next to the arm-chair. Let us talk of poetry and life; let us laugh and crack jokes; let us rule the world with our lofty thoughts and electrodes for those out of line.Most likely I will pee a little when we laugh, and my thoughts are usually random rather than lofty, but you know what they say: “The dog of the exceptional wisdom has the bird of sleeping monkeys in his dreams!”Anyway, I was talking to a guy the other day who was high on pot (he was standing on the toilet) and I mentioned my fear of bush hogs and roaches. He comforted me and then asked why I was in the stall with him.So there you go, my full life story nowhere on this page. I feel like we know each other so much better now. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes I seriously funny, sometimes I’m seriously gassy. I am at all times grateful for your support.If you have an idea to share, or just want to drop a line, you can contact me at peanuttyoh@yahoo.comBe excellent to each other and glitter on glitterbombs.
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Shamala Chandran

wow…nicely worded apology…hope you found forgiveness…


Great poem on being true and real even though when everything
is said and done it didn’t quite go the way you wanted.



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Beautifully romantic, Musically inclined, You are so poetic, Totally undefined. Your thoughts are so deep, Words you use are very unique, Your rhyming of words are like music to keep, A composition that gains a positive critique. The words you