Conversation prose poem

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When We began,
words built bridges
carrying us to and fro
across distant places…
connecting spaces,
verbal embraces…

Words became
light and water
flowing, filling,
spilling, swathing…

glowing embers
spewing sparks,
scorching flames,
swirling blaze,
enveloping, burning
in phantasmic dance
the effigies of our love…

welling springs,
tumbling brooks,
cascading torrents,
soaking, soothing,
laving, drowning
in orgasmic depths
the dregs of our rapture…

Even silences reeled
with unspoken words
like humming birds
whirling unheard…
crooning sensuous…
like cloudbursts
pouring torrential
beyond the deaf
window panes.

Now, words freeze
– rheumatic
stiff joints creak
– robotic
one monosyllable
placed tentatively
in front of the next.

Dripping like a slow
leaking faucet
in a ghostly mansion
drip – silence
drop – silence
drip-drop, silence again.

Beating staccato
the single fingering
of a lone typewriter
click – silence
clock – silence
click-clock, silence again.

The suffocating stichomythia
between you and me.

Poet’s Note:
The poem speaks about failing conversation between people, especially couples. How silence invades their lives after being together for a long time. How the very words which had connected them in the beginning fail them later as the relationship frays at the edges.

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Associate Professor in English at St. Joseph's College for Women, Alleppey, Kerala. Writer, translator, poet, researcher and academician. Writes in contemporary journals and magazines.
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Laya Sarath

Ohh thats a powerful poem mam…one needs to know the art of conversation..or else everything falls destructed..
The suffocating stichomythia
between you and me..

So true..


Thank you for “Conversation”. This speaks to many marriages. Keep writing.


An honest heart-to-heart conversation helps in most problems…Nice poem:)



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