Symphony of the octave

Symphony of the octave short poem

Sun rose silently,
flowers bloomed,
blueness of peace prevailed
..Silence…a symphony of silence
hung heavy in the morning mist!

vibration-less silence
awakens my sleeping soul,
into the rosiness of love..
I bathe in love,
in a passionate embrace
of love…
each cell, each atom,
each particle. each follicle

from the deep fathom
of my heart
a mute tune of silence
a symphony..of silence…
the octave music of love!!
fills stratosphere ….

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13 Comments on "Symphony of the octave"

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Laya Sarath

Felt the symphony..Nice one sir 🙂


A most beautiful poem I enjoyed reading and listening too of course, just beautiful.

Geetha Paniker

Symphony of words.

Savi Mani

A wonderful poem and equally wonderful image……the poets heart the lovers heart feels his love in silence yet the silence of love gives rise to a symphony of octave……awesome wonderful……..liked the symphony……..the silent music of love…….


A nice one…

ammu sachariah

I enjoyed reading this poem.


THERES SO MUCH IN THIS! ..higher if I may say – than any octave.


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