Oh! To immortalize you

Oh! To immortalize you short poem

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Squatting on the grayness of the rock
I let the breeze chill the marrows of my bone
on the wet sand I wrote your name
a receding wave squiggled it away
leaving behind a brown sediment of moist sand.

my fingers guided the bristles of the brush
to sketch the simplicity of your image
the hue flowed on the canvas leaving
ugly scars and stains..
a mosaic and distorted piece of art.

the chisel chopped the softness of wood
to absorb your shape into its paleness
the sharpness of the tool cut my fingers
…red fluid oozed to paint the brown bark

my pen tries to find a simile
to occlude your beauty in words
the fountain pen leaks
splashes of black Indian Ink spreads
on the paper and my clothes…

Dear, you can’t be imprinted!
Dear, you can’t be portrayed!!
Dear, you can’t be molded!!!
Dear, you can’t be composed with words!!!!
..for you are mine!!

you are in my Heart!!
you are immortalized in my Heart !!!

Poet’s Note:
The author makes all efforts to immortalize his love…. but realized that his love is already immortalized in his heart.

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12 Comments on "Oh! To immortalize you"

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Laya Sarath

Aww lovely 🙂

Savi Mani

awesome poem, the poet tried to immortalize his love in all the places unaware that her image is already etched inn his heart forever…….wonderful poem…….you have a wonderful style of using the words ……..a very different kind of poems….somehow after reading your poems i feel it does not belong to a particular generation age or time…it belongs to all those loving hearts of all generations…like the image your poems too are …immortal……..liked reading it and loved it…..and waiting for more and more from you……!!!

Geetha Paniker


ammu sachariah

What can I say about your poem.simply….One word. Wonderful.


lucky is the person who deserves this! …It’s more than plain words.

Nikita Mehendiratta

What a Beautiful poem! So immortalizing.


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