Lost in my needs and wants is more than I can handle.
Then I feel a hand warm and gentle.
Lost in my sadness and grief.
It is all I can do to believe.
There has to be more to this world than sin and shame.
When I look all I see is more of the same.

I am overwhelmed, yet there is no friend in sight.
Then suddenly I saw this bright light.
It was brighter than anything I had ever seen.
I began to fall…….
I felt my heart sink as sinking sand.
When on both sides and all around I saw angels and one of them gave me their hand.

I heard someone speak as gentle as the wind.
Then from on a cloud, I saw a man descend.
He said, “Do not fear.”
“Child, I am here.”
“I am the way, come what may.”
“I have come to save you.”
“I have come offering life anew.”

“A life without sin and shame.”
“Just ask for forgiveness in my name.”
“I will mend your grieving heart.”
“We will never again have to be apart.”
“You are now where you belong.”
“You have found your way home.”

As the bright light faded away I realized he would come again someday.
This day Jesus had saved my soul.
This day I was made whole.
I realized for salvation there is no cost.
I knew in my heart I would never again become lost.

Poet’s Note:
When we look around at this world we can become discouraged and think what is the point? This poem relays this message and the answer to our discouragement is Jesus. He will come to us in our time of need and walk us through this life.

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Andrea Counts

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I am 44 years old and my spouse is Darrell Counts, we met when we were in High School and started dating when I was 16 and he was 19. We were married when I was 18 and he was 22. We have some great times and some very sad times, but with the help of our savior Jesus Christ we are getting through. I have bee attending college for several years now, I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration w/c in Computer Information Systems. I currently attend Everest University working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Programming and I am currently looking for work. My hobbies are writing Christian Poetry (I have one book published "Walkng in God's Love" and another book finished; but not published yet. I enjoy reading a good Christian novel and watching Christian based movies like Courageous, the Grace Card. I love bowling and going out to a good movie with the hubby or friends. My main goal in life is to serve my Savior to the best of my ability and to make a difference in everything I do for his glory, not mine!
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Nadeem Qazilbash

now one can sleep in peace, secure in the arms of the lord.

Rebecca Alick

@andrea_counts Amen no wonder we are safe in the arms of Jesus!

Rebecca Alick

Beautifully written, give these words some music and it can be turned in an amazing gospel hymn


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