The Letter

The Letter short poem


Mum, if you this letter read
I beg you, let your heart not bleed
I did not weather storm of night
And blackness now has dimmed my light
But give to me your loving smile
For I’ll be gone, for just a while
Cry, not for me, my mother please
For I come to you on morning’s breeze
Let not your cheek be stained with tear
Just call my name and I will hear
Remember me, and times of joy
The one who’s still your little boy
Know my soul is filled with love
And looks upon you from above
Bonds that bind both you and I
Cannot be broken when I die
Ask my friends to raise a cheer
And drink for me a pint of beer
Smile, my mother, please stay strong
Always, your own beloved son

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Fiona Jamieson

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Fiona Jamieson has been writing poetry since childhood and is currently embarking on her first published works. Her current work mixes mythology and fantasy, using the central character of the Goddess Isis. Her latest writing is around the Goddess 'search for wisdom' and we see her meeting some of the great minds of time. She considers the issues of knowledge and wisdom and the past and how this influences current thinking. She illustrates her own poetry. Fiona also writes war poetry.
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Balveen Cheema

A true soldier’s heart can be read- brave and loving!

Cheree Scott

excellent write.

Randall Smith

A beautiful writing. When I was in that situation I did not think of what my mom would feel but the fact that I would miss her. Only after returning home did I realize how much she missed and worried about my brother and I.


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