I Thought You Knew

I Thought You Knew long poem

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I lay here feeling a violent hue
a ravaged red- a blackened blue
mis-taken words- no intent by you
triggered the dark! the dark came through

it rose to the surface and said its due
shattered my heart and destroyed you too
a raging pain and a great sadness grew
I thought you knew me- I thought you knew

I thought you knew me well enough too
it happened before- only once- not a few
words you wrote backfired- “if i can- I’ll meet you”
I needed your help- your words cut me in two

I got kicked in the gut- what else would you do?
how could this be? is my friend untrue?
a real true friend would be there for you
I thought you knew me- I thought you knew

my demon spoke- and a voice that was new
demanding hag- a bitch and a shrew
you called them up but they turned the screw
so I couldn’t blame a temper as the words- they flew

a storm cloud burst- a cold wind blew
it took me down- twisted- crushed and abused
how could this happen? I’m black and blue
I thought you knew me- I thought you knew

lava exploded- the volcano blew
couldn’t stop the flow once it started to spew
don’t want to die yet- I’m such a fool
if I try to stop it then I die too

sacrificial lamb- bloodletting stew
I hurt a dear friend- I’m sick about you
I’ll cry to myself for an eternity or two
I thought you knew me- I thought you knew

now I mourn the response said to you
but time will move on- I’ll move on too
I’ll heal this new hell as I must walk through
one day it won’t hurt- one day I’ll renew

oh my oh my oh my god! what to do?
I can’t believe it! lost friend are you
this loss forever will forever be blue
I thought you knew me- i thought you knew

I’ll always love you- my wish may come true
my friendship will be here because I grew
into the future- no matter what you do
I thought you knew me- I thought you knew

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What a poem! from start to finish the anguish was felt—-hope,—- one day I,ll renew—- 4 words and hope will defeat all else.


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