The Two Flowers’ Tale

The Two Flowers Tale ballad

Photo by EoinGardiner

A flower up there on the leafy tree
Mocks a flower in the mud
As she used to be
Saying ‘I always have sunlight
While your face is always in my shade
Exposed to the blight
While by the finest fertilizers I was made’

The other flower looks down to see
Her sight is always to the sun
As she used to be
Saying ‘I always watch sun light
While your face is always down laid
You live as a parasite
While I have a company with all the jade’

A gay cloud passes asking no fee
Dribbles some heavenly drops
As he used to be
Saying ‘I always bear sunlight
And Wind to my form happily grates
Flowers need my drops
They will survive because of my fade’

The flowers look to the cloud with no glee
They still mocking and being proud
As they used to be
While The sun is listening through her Sunlight
The two flowers murmur at a simultaneous rate
‘That even those drops
She gets even more than I would ever gain’

The sun issues its plea
The two flowers are to be satisfied
As they were never be
Saying ‘with the same graces
They would be punished
The envy, The mocking, The conceit
Are to be banished

The wind comes in the roughest degree
Shaking and uprooting flowers
As he used to be
The upper flower falls to the mud
The lower flower flies but is never to be laid
No one to tell the story to the buds
And no one about their fate even cared

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The wonderful world of nature, so different and yet so much into us…Awesome!


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