Paradise long poem

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The wild waves lashed out in all suddenness
To suck me away into a watery wilderness
To drown me alive, embalm me with salt
The devil and the deep sea could not halt
The onslaught in love which turned into an assault

With new found vigour chasing me all night
The waves rushed at me with all their might
Destroying everything that it thought
Could be an impediment in that onslaught

Anything that could identify with me
The waves resolved to annihilate for free
Filling my mind with a watery grave
The waves found solace in my fearful state

And then from afar through the dancing waves
Defying the devil and the deep sea graves
Rose a laughter resounding the cloud
Drowning every sound so deemed to be loud

Amidst the laughter on the distant waves
The dancer and the drummer dancing on the graves
Danced with the laughter to fill the deep chasm
Raising the deadly orgy into an orgasm

And then there was silence an eerie silence
With no water no wave no sea no ocean
Neither a sound nor soul no motion
And then there was peace amidst the violence

And then came a symphony of music so sweet
Piercing the airs my soul to meet
A balm to me in the midst of turbulence
Silently killing all thoughts of vengeance

The strings vibrated upon the violin
As the bow danced to me calling
The notes to form an alliance combined
And my soul upon those notes dined

And then came the heavens into that night
Where there was darkness then there was light
Angels descended to dance through that night
And danced through that night with all their might

There was no sun, nor moon nor the star
Yet there was light near and afar
Rejoicing my soul danced through the night
Not leaving to chance an inch of Paradise

And then came a call so near yet so far
To sacrifice all so dearest that are
To beautify life so beautifully
And live in that realm eternally

That call in silence was a silent shock
Placing my future upon the rock
No storm no flood could ever shake
The house on the rock I was to make

And then came a call from the depths of my heart
How could I depart from the dearest on my part
Betray the trust so well laid upon me
Breaking into fragments the beautiful We

Break every heart that was my part
Slaughtering everything between us to depart
And commit a crime of the finest sort
To adorn the rogues’ gallery in the chief part

It was a dilemma whom could I tell
To choose between heaven and beautiful hell
That thought was a torture in its finest form
Devastating my insides in a silent storm

And then came a bolt slicing that storm
Piercing every cell that filled up my crown
To straighten my thoughts that wandered around
Touring my soul through charlatan grounds

And as I analysed that fragmented We
Each fragment displayed an authentic see
As into the depths of each fragment I went
I saw charlatan ash in the season of Lent

Into the depths of each soul as I went
Forcing each soul to forcibly rent
Morning and night in it as I spent
Each nerve I could see so crookedly bent

Yet they were all good in a bunch
Gorgeously beautiful till there was crunch
So nice and so sweet when there was no sound
Amiably pleasant with no need around

And when there was need and there was sound
Crisis and crunch and toil on the ground
Cyclone and storm were all around
Beautiful souls fled without a sound

And then left I those, souls to shock
To build up my house upon that rock
To live in that paradise beautifully
In the arms of my father eternally

There was no sorrow there was no pain
There was no material world to gain
There was no quarrel there was no fight
There was no wrong and there was no right

There is just life in paradise
Stunningly Gorgeous Paradise

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daniel shankori

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Working as Vice Principal in a college in Mumbai. Can play key board, guitar and mouth organ. Voracious reader Hold a Masters Degree in Aesthetics
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Chand Ashish

You have seen …..
You have met …..
Please deliberate at length ….
let all fellowmen become wet …..
God took you on heavenly flight ….
‘Cause He found you worth His Right ….
You are ordained …..You are blessed ….
You are unrestrained …..You are the caressed ….


Ah! Such wonderful play with imagination about a thing we all dream of:)



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