The Absent-minded Boy

The Absent minded Boy short poem

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There once was a boy from this place,
Where nature gleams with glorious grace.
Though all seemed right
And the sun always bright,
He dreamed of someday travelling through space.

In school,
The only thing he ever did do was sleep:
I guess studies were really never that deep.
He was always ahead
And so it was said,
That his classmates all called him a creep.

“To hell with your dreams, and find a job with pay”
That is what his faithless tired father would say.
“Life isn’t much fun,
And costs about a ton:
You must choose a realistic career without delay.

Alone, angered, and confused, so it did seem,
This poor child grew afraid to even dream.
I find it absurd
And sad no one heard,
The pain in his voice through his quiet scream.

So, every night he’d look up to the dark sky
And wonder about these mysteries up high.
The stars shone white,
Truly a wonderful sight,
As he relieved himself with a sadly sigh.

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6 Comments on "The Absent-minded Boy"

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Nikita Mehendiratta

Beautiful poem! took me on a journey.

Ramapriya Nr

Nice one

Savi Mani

Beautiful poem, felt bad for the little boy and the dream in his eyes, which died…….on the altar of life,,,, so many young dreams die much before they take birth……….felt sad…..nice poem


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