Riddles In The Void

Riddles In The Void short poem

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I write in riddles so no one will ever truly perceive me.
I speak in riddles creating a web of ambiguity.
The void is full of that voice.
Whispered suggestions that give me no choice.
Words in my head that control and haunt.
Reflections in the mirror that persist and taunt.
The illusion of my life deceive all but me.
I’m very good at showing people what they want to see.

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I'm a daughter that loves her parents. I'm a sister that cherishes her siblings. I'm a Christian that tries to walk the narrow path. I'm a fiancé that has been gifted with the love of an amazing man. I'm a teacher that enjoys her job. I'm a novice writer/poet that tinkers with words and expressions in pursuit of catharsis.
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Sometimes you wear a mask to become acceptable and admired by everyone…a realistic picture of life…Nice read:)


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