Fear short poem

I fear this fear
The fear of the unseen, untold
It gnaws my insides
Disturbing my soul
Filling me with distress

This fear has been a constant
Racking through my nerves
Shaking me up
Rendering me hopeless

I live under this shadow
The shadow of fear
That is unseen, untold
Of losing my precious

But I shall not
Go down without fighting
Conquer my fear, my plight
For my precious one
I shall stand tall for thee

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Bhargavi Kerur

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An avid dreamer nurturing a dream of living many lives in one life.
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Editorial Board

A starkly honest piece of writing @bhargavi which is so true, most times the demons that haunt us are the unseen fears within us..ends with just the right positive note too of overcoming it all and standing tall. Nice!




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