A house is not a home
If not safe and warm,
A place of protection
where one’s cherished,
shares opinions and feelings
without fear of ridicule.
Is a sanctuary from outside forces.

A home holds secrets,
Freedom from politics,
it’s where ideas are born,
we get to be our true self,
are guided or redirected.
A home should be a haven
Of love, safety, security.
Place where the heart
finds peace and rest.

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A Registered nurse, wife, mother, poetic writer and United Way volunteer.Born in Belize, migrated to New York at age eighteen. After studying nursing, worked as an emergency room until starting a family.Having both natural and chosen children, it was the emotional struggles of the chosen ones that gave birth to many of her poems.Ruthieg believes that when all is forgotten or ignored, expressive words linger or get heard. That it is important for the hurt and wounded to have a voice, for that purpose, many of my poems were written.
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Saurin Desai

Your house truly must be a home 🙂


So true I have moved many times in my life it matters not as when I go into any house I make it my home. True a warm feeling of protective arms greet me as soon as I enter.

ammu sachariah

You are correct. A home should be absolutely what have written like.

Savi Mani

a heart warming poem dear @ruthieg33, yes dear a house is a structure of bricks and concrete who makes it a home? needless to say if the occupant of a house is someone like you no doubt it would be a home soon, a home where love is grown, where one feels safe, loved, cheered without any outside influence…………lovely poem……….i can feel your home and the aura of love in and around it……….

Manilka Mensadi
Manilka Mensadi

This poem is so simple , interesting and creative . The way the words are mixed with each other is marvellous!!! Love this poem !!!!



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