Moon short poem

Photo by Steve Corey

Gleaming and shining with a mesmerizing light;
peeping through my window at night,
Oh playful, delightful and lucid moon,
I cannot play with you, hide away soon!

Disappear amidst the clouds carefree moon;
Put off your glaring shine now soon,
I need to wake up early to bird’s croon,
I’ve a meeting with sun bright and maroon !

I don’t want to close my window and eye;
Can’t help but heave a heavy sigh
Tomorrow I’ve to wake up early. Oh my!
I am not in a playful mood, hide in the sky!

Hide behind crowd of dark clouds ;
Beneath mountains steep like shrouds,
As I stare at the enthralling full moon,
the world is silent and asleep in a cocoon!

I lose my peripheral vision befalling;
bathing in the moon rays night’s stalling.
Tomorrow I’ve to wake up early. Oh my!
Can’t play, let me sleep, please go away!!!

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Writing is a passion that I will never allow to fade inside me. It all started as a small note in my school diary and I wrote my first poem when I was in class 8th. I write poems and have even contested in many poetry websites and magazines during school as well as college days.I got the novel idea of publishing my poems and started posting my poems on social platforms, since then I have been receiving excellent and positive feedback. I am basically from Bangalore and being a literature lover, I maintain a poetry blog called, please do visit this website which has the collection of my poems. Happy Writing!!
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kwai chee low

A lovely and visual ode to the moon. The moon has always been an inspiration to poets and lovers.

asoke kumar mitra

beautiful write,,,,,,,,,,,the imagery worked here so soothing………..loved your write.


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