Fleeting Love

Fleeting Love short poem

You sought my heart out,
Back when it beat for another.
You opened my eyes to truth so blunt,
The love I pined for, would never gather.
You watched me hang myself,
Holding onto a flimsy web of hope.
And you swore to save me yourself,
From my fate of a tragic soap.
My heart finally came around,
And before me you stood –
Alas with ‘she’, content and sound
Into two, my heart broke, quite good.

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Diana Rita

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love literature, series, random topics am talkin' space, software...cosmetology, oh and MUSIC!
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Editorial Board

@Diana_Rita as observed earlier your writing has a charming simplicity about it and yet manages to catch the reader’s attention fully. The game of love and heartbreak described sans any drama and tears – a laudable effort and not the usual cliched approach.


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