War Trophies

War Trophies short poem

Photo by Defence Images

Hospitals are
Bombed mass graves
With cold bunkers
And shattered artillery.

Red army fights the white army
Blue army fights the yellow army
Drones land on the cranium
Submarines torpedo through the aorta.

Death is a wheelbarrow
You hitch a ride on
Going block to block
Rubble to rubble
Till you are tipped over
Into an abyss
Where your heart hibernates.

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ravi shanker

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Ra Sh ( N.Ravi Shanker) is from Palakkad, Kerala, where he lives and works. His poems have been published in Bhashaposhini, Kindle Magazine, Gulmohurmagazine , Journal of Literature & Aesthetics, Malayalanatu Webmag, Baroda Pamphlet Bimonthly, Poetry 24 Blog Magazine, Art in Society International Web Mag, The Criterion International Magazine, Whitecrow Art Daily and in an Anthology of love poems `The Heart only Whispers.’ Fifteen poems appear in an anthology of visceral poems ‘A strange place other than Earlobes’, published by Sampark, Kolkota, India, in March 2015.He has translated many works in Tamil and Malayalam to English. Now, curating, editing and publishing English translations of Malayalam poetry by the young generation, on a basis of one poet/two poems on alternate days in RædLeafPoetry-India.Published English translations include Harum Scarum Saar and Other Stories by Bama (from Tamil), Mother Forest- The unfinished story of C.K.Janu by Bhaskaran (from Malayalam) ( published by Women Unlimited, Delhi) ,Waking is Another Dream, an anthology of Sri Lankan Tamil poetry (along with Meena Kandasamy) ( published by Navayana, Delhi). Also translated plays and poems from Tamil which formed part of an Anthology of Dalit Writing in Tamil and articles from Malayalam which formed part of an Anthology of Dalit writing in Malayalam ( both published by Oxford University Press, India). Translated stories also formed part of an Anthology of New Dalit Writing from South India, under the title ‘No Alphabet in Sight’, published by Penguin. Translated one Tamil story by Latha (winner of the Singapore Literature Prize) for her collection The Goddess in the Living Room published by Epigram Books, Singapore.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Death, when the heart hybernates, peace. What a beautiful idea.


A silent prayer of thanks and good wishes goes to all those brave men laying down their lives for our sake! Bless them!


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