Power of pain

Power of pain short poem

My head was down
the view so foggy
knees on ground
body, strength and courage all torn
and I, totally worn.
Still there was something
that wanted to look at my heart,
I blinked to clear my eyes
and this is what I saw,
bleeding it was, full of scars,
almost torn apart,
yet beating with all its heart,
filling my eyes with tears of hope
lifting my spirit,
giving me the strength to stitch it back,
stand up alone and fight

Writer’s note:- It is the power of our own pain that can resurrect our soul. Life itself is the biggest reason to fight and live for.

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Touching hearts spreading love, caring and helping to restore the faith in love and humanity is important to me. Life is to live love and care in the end am just a soul on my journey and i want this journey to turn out to be the most beautiful of my eternal life.
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@Felix your poem is an ode to the indomitable spirit that lies within each human heart and it is the Power of pain which helps us to reach within and find it..Inspirational piece of writing , such a pleasure to read.

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Skillfully woven wordings. Good poem. The will to survive is inherent in every living being.


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