Error I Need Remember

Error I Need Remember short poem

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Wish I could edit life’s errors.
Retrace my steps, reclaim
All I lost, gave up on.
I’d give my present knowledge
To my younger self.
Carry my youthful vigor for life,
hold unto my experiences.
My second thoughts I’d make first.
Wasted time on people who never desired,
Appreciated those I loved, stood with me,
I’ll keep those close and not forget
But also remember those who didn’t.
For if in error I bless such a person
That blunder I would not erase
For I need remember to not repeat again.

Poets’ Note:
Wasted too much time trying to win over people who never loved me, ‘n ignoring the ones who never left me, that was an error.

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A Registered nurse, wife, mother, poetic writer and United Way volunteer.Born in Belize, migrated to New York at age eighteen. After studying nursing, worked as an emergency room until starting a family.Having both natural and chosen children, it was the emotional struggles of the chosen ones that gave birth to many of her poems.Ruthieg believes that when all is forgotten or ignored, expressive words linger or get heard. That it is important for the hurt and wounded to have a voice, for that purpose, many of my poems were written.
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Savi Mani

Dear @ruthieg33 loved your short poem on the errors we make in life and later wish we had not done that and if we can go back and correct ourselves, some errors come naturally in life and at those moment we are not even aware they are mistakes to be regretted later but dearest lets not live life in reverse gear…….yes we wish but we cant to move ahead in life …… your life….life is one and it has to be lived and enjoyed in whatever we have …….who knows if get this life again or not!!!!!
loved your poem…… be frank even i wish this at times………

Geetha Paniker

It is a feeling everyone goes through at some point of life. Loved it.

Viswas Menon

Everyone makes errors …even the smartest of people …that is why even pencils have erasers…wonderful work my friend

ammu sachariah

No life without error. We learn many lessons out of it.

Nadeem Qazilbash

Etch a sketch and magna doodle boards are easy to find, but unfortunately they don’t work when we wish to redraw life.


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