Wanderlust short poem

Photo by Eric Fischer

I truly love Canada
always my home
though if I could
this planet I’d roam

India fascinates me
chaos and all
China’s a mystery
that long friggin’ wall

Cuba’s resilient
they keep trudging on
more than paid for their sin
it’s gone on far too long

The UK’s familiar
a long lost old bud
Scotland forever
it flows through my blood

Italy for food
France for it’s wine
in Australia their summer
is our winter time

Spectacular Africa
spiritual and vast
Jamaica in February
take your bong have a blast

Germany united
it took long enough
Haiti’s so poor
survival is rough

Alaska for the hearty
wear your fur lined mitts
Brazil’s sandy beaches
you’ll see some bare bits

Our world’s an enigma
we go on come what may
the sun shines on us all
seven billion they say

Though I can’t meet them all
I still know that they’re there
as I travel this planet
from my comfy desk chair

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Charlotte Dickson

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Nadeem Qazilbash

Around the world in 161 words. A whirlwind tour, touching hearts.



Wanderlust short poem

Beneath this yonder twinkling isle I laid down for a while; Amidst this firmamental lea I saw a pulsar shine with glee. Soon I ventured into a dream and saw the lign aloes gleam ; a foreigner to this lonesome


Wanderlust short poem

My mind a blank canvas, numb from endless travels The road ahead a dwindling silver thread Arriving and leaving, my life unravels Through thunderstorms and bright sunshine Across quiet villages and noisy cities My urge to roam away from my


Wanderlust short poem

Rocky terrain of high mountains, The snow capped peaks ignite, The wanderlust in me; To break away from the drudgery, From the petty human loss; A caricature of intelligent race, Victim of different definitions of God, Blind to the color


Wanderlust short poem

Nothing can tie me down; Wanderlust has taken me over. Let me roam, Let me wander The seven seas and mountain peaks; In search of a place that’s calling to me. My long lost home before time From whose speckle