A Cup Of Coffee

A Cup Of Coffee short poem

The aroma of cappuccino,
Tantalizes my soul,
Reverberates through a memory,
And resonates in my mind.

A cup of coffee brews,
Freshens up the mind,
igniting a spark,
To fall in love with it.

A kiss of the cup,
It lingers on and on,
Wafting its flavor,
With a yearning for more.

Fresh as a new dream,
Its cream and color,
Creates a heart,
Cementing a bond forever.

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12 Comments on "A Cup Of Coffee"

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Laya Sarath

Well I never felt like having a sip of coffee till i read it..Coffee today evening for sure 🙂

Viswas Menon

@laya_sarath…..Wonderful…join me for a cup of Coorg Coffee at my Coffee Estate in Madikeri, Kodagu, Karnataka, India

Savi Mani

wonderful poem dear Geetha, loved it ……..with the thought of coffee memories come flooding in………..nice poem……..who would not love a cup of coffee…soothes the mind soothes the soul activates the brain…….that one cup of coffee

ammu sachariah

Geeta…are you tempting all your readers to have a cup of coffee .
I liked it.

Laya Sarath

Yes Geemme..I did have it on that same evening…:-) And I still feel the aroma of it 🙂

Nadeem Qazilbash

What praise for that quintessential potion of kinship that’s true love.

Viswas Menon

@geetha_paniker…..thanks for promoting coffee with your lovely poem….drink coffee…..its good for my business….ha ha ha ha…nice to know that our year long agricultural struggle in the coffee estate is helping poets to pen poems ….and that too on coffee…..no wonder ..it is said …a lot can happen over a cup of coffee…keep writing….keep drinking coffee….keep promoting coffee….ha ha ha …..a coffee expert said once..” coffee drinkers and coffee growers are good lovers”…well he did not specify …good lovers of what….coffee or just good lovers…ha ha ha …



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A Cup Of Coffee

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