Musings Of An Insomniac

Musings Of An Insomniac short poem

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Succinctly speaking
There is nothing to be said
But a great realization
That I must go to bed

It’s late and I am tired
And a little cranky too
Restless I am
And in a mood to rue

You take some turns
That lead to dead ends
Some seem smooth
Till you come to the bends

What lies yonder
How far to the sunset?
Locks without keys
The unending debt

Learning spaces
Behavioral surgery
All this and more
And yes feel good forgery

Peddling experiences
Decorating barns
I make a pretty picture
Out of remixing yarns

Words twirl and curtsey
They do as you say
Accurate and reliable
They don’t betray.

From creator to recorder
That’s seems about right
Loving what is
Bringing the truth to light

That’s my calling,
My real métier!
What I want to do
Till I am old and gray

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Mukti Shah

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A Clinical Psychologist, Facilitator, Baker and Candlestick maker! Love to write. My career is based on the spoken word. I use words to connect, heal, create insight, facilitate growth and evoke laughter.Words twirl and curtsy, They do as you say. Accurate and reliable, They don’t betray! Cheers!
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There’s a craving in every human heart to find his/her life’s calling…nice poem:)


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