The Orphan’s Dream

The Orphans Dream short poem

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Mother, they said I would find you
if I looked deep in my heart –
an image of love I shall see there
that glows in its ramparts.
So I looked behind all the walls
upon which the drums did beat
that called out to your spirit
which lies within their deep.
I know that you would know
when I searched there for you
that is what they said,
I believe that it is true.
You are sad and you weep
for the child you left so soon
before she had the chance
to be wrapped in your cocoon.
Mother, I know I see you
just as you must have been
I seek you in my sleepy eyes
and find you in my dream.

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Neetu M.

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With the spirit of a wanderer, I travel to places to absorb everything I can, picking up experiences as one does pebbles and shells, collecting them and transferring them to my poems, short stories and articles. When I cannot travel to distant places, I journey into my mind and in my thoughts find many things there to share with others.
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A very touching poem, with a deep pain lurking in the background…Meaningful.


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