The Quest

The Quest long poem

I stood on the red glimmering rim of horizon,
groping my way in my quest for secret of life;
I stumbled many a time in the dark region,
and bruised myself in my quest for secret of life!

The red glimmering horizon, turned dark and dim,
I found myself marooned in that dark path
ready to place my head on the guillotine of dull faith
when cries of “Help” and “Ah” vibrated my eardrum
melting my tender heart like soft, sweet butter..I
turned, to realize. life is a circle and I at its center
surrounded by alternating concentric circle of sorrows and miseries,
with traces of small, brief chord like spans of happiness!!

Life is like an inn where we come and go
leaving traces of our sins and virtues and ego
in this wide vulgar sphere where love is craved for
..but here love is lost, never to be got…

palatial mansions, dwarf the dirty dingy dungeons
donning wool and silken garbs they step into their machines
naked bodies and sunken eyes beg for pity in the lanes

here some roll in gold and others in garbage,
here some are free forever, some ever in bondage.
always in quest for secret of life!!

concentric circles ….that whirlpool
the quest for life…

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Savi Mani

Dear Viswas Menon, first of all accept my heartiest congratulations on such a thought provoking poem, just the other day i was thinking “after all what is life” why do we take birth and what is this cycle called life, why do we carry on the journey of life and why do we leave this world, is there anything we leave back and if not what are we and lo!! i got all the answers in your poem, wonderful weaving of words, wonderful painful facts of life….yes the quest for life goes and we are in the whirlpool….our soul always on the search………on the quest……..lived every bit and loved every bit of your poem

kwai chee low

A beautiful piece, insightful and inspiring! Life is a mystery and a precious gift.



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