Love glitters on the grassy cliffs-
It enters in to the hearts.
Life starts to glide –
On the little wings of its carrier.
It blooms like a beautiful flower.
The fragrance spreads all over.
It enters to a possessive mood.
The fragrance of Love slowly fades.
It creates a magic wall between the hearts.
A gap appears –
Love disappears before everything turn to-
Bitter, Acidic and Sour.
Finally it reaches the resting point-
In the hands of Fate.
But the glimpse of old memories-
Remain somewhere at the corner of the Heart.

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ammu sachariah

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I was working as the head teacher of a high school for many years.I have written many poems in English, Urdu and Malayalam. But i never had the confidence to bring it to the public .Better to say, i never tried for it due to lack of confidence.Now i got a platform to bring myself forward.Thanks to the editorial board of high on poems.I enjoy reading and writing.
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Geetha Paniker

You have depicted the feeling of falling in love and then falling apart so well.

ramakrishnan chatakondu


But ….love should be possessive and exclusive……of course should not be sickness .
………..a friend to all is friend to none .

Savi Mani

wonderful poem dear Ammu love is such a beautiful thing to be in ….in the beginning everything looks so divine……..falling in love……being in love ….entering in love…….those unforgettable moments of togetherness….and everything …… destroyed when love is lost………what remains is broken hearts and painful memories but yes as Ramakrishnan commented little possessiveness is always there in love……..but as too much of anything is destructive…….too much possessiveness is the root cause of failure of love…loved your poem……..


Possessiveness changes the very colors of love…Such true words


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