Our Fate In Our Hands

Our Fate In Our Hands short poem

Photo by ~Brenda-Starr~

Born in the filth and dirt,
mocked and jeered everywhere,
shouted and screamed at always,
with the vision of people coming home
with bloody hands and a gun in pocket,
ever said to be born with a fate
like that, among criminals and
demons, living a life in hell.
Never could he break the barrier
of the fate for which he was
looked upon as evil.
None like him had ever led any
better life,
yet he tried and tried,
through the biggest difficulties
and the greatest hues.
One sudden day be succeeded,
his heart leaped in joy,
and he ran far way from his
fateful jail.
He dedicated his life to serve
mankind, giving all he could
to help the needy and pay
for the sins of his own family.
He spent his life serving the
needy, when one day
eventually he was worshipped
by thousands.
The boy from darkest grounds
of evil became a saint,
being closest to the home of God
and thus he wrote his own fate.
No matter how much hopeless we are
or how much pain and difficulties
is in our way , if we try and try,
one day we will create our own
path to reach our goal,
because we write our own destiny
and decide our own fate.

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2 Comments on "Our Fate In Our Hands"

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Nikita Mehendiratta

I like the thought.

Shamala Chandran

Very inspiring thoughts here….great write!


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