In The Order Of Peace

In The Order Of Peace short poem

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What is peace,
is peace a myth,
from observing the world peace does not exist,
unless it’s a mind state,
or a frame of mind,
the aforementioned means the same
as well as man kind,
peace is harmony,
that’s a sense of order,
it’s a collection of love like a family,
father, mother, son and daughter,
peace comes from GOD,
know and understand,
we were created for a purpose
to worship him and till the land,
some how along the way we became violent,
the corrupt seed of sin could not stand the silence,
from the stone ages to web pages,
from swords to automatics,
prophesy being fulfilled with man’s wicked tactics,
happiness is purchased but the struggle is free,
as the world continues peace becomes a mere word,
but when the lord comes to gather his herd,
YES he will come and have the last word….

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If only all human hearts in this world had this silent prayer for peace…very meaningful poem!



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