Oceanic Heart

Oceanic Heart short poem

Image By Arun M Sivakrishna

There is poetry in the,
Heart of the ocean,
A longing in the soul,
To be enfolded in its waves,
As they create a ripple,
Of pulsating thrill in me.

A calming tranquility,
Fascinating wondrous hues,
Magnetic is the attraction,
Alluring me to its depths,
A love of great magnitude,
Like the mystery of its beauty.

Waves touch upon my soul,
With its pure spirit,
Whispering its music,
Making me spellbound,
As they tickle my toes,
Haunting me with its caress.

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4 Comments on "Oceanic Heart"

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Laya Sarath

Ohh loved it geemme…I felt so serene 🙂


As you stand by the ocean, admiring its beauty and lost in your thoughts, there is a oneness with nature felt so oft…beautiful!


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