Early morning music

Early morning music short poem

Through the
I hear your chants
every morning

Your voice, your rhythm
the song and the tune
it’s all so mesmerizing,
I can’t
decipher a word, but
my mornings are

You live quite nearby
though I don’t know exactly
all I know is-
the flow of sweetness
from somewhere there
to here.

You fill
this loneliness
permeated by
neither near nor dear,
I hope to listen to this chirp
as long as I live
and live here.

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4 Comments on "Early morning music"

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Jayshree Murali

Sparrow Song ! very nice.

Editorial Board

As one reads this piece, the same soothing ‘early morning music’ keeps playing at the backdrop @Abhishek_Jain You have done your job mighty well 🙂


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