Etched In Sand

Etched In Sand short poem

Photo by PatriciaFarrell

You were to meet me
by the beach… At sunset
I waited… And waited…

To while time…
In your thoughts,
I sketched on the
golden sand… Your portrait…

And waited looking
at the smiling lips
etched on sand..

You did not come…

A rippling wave touched my toes
looking up I saw the wave smile…

“Something must have kept her…
go now…
Come tomorrow!” it rippled

In the morning I went
you were still not there…
The wave that smiled
had receded…

My sketch of you
remained etched on the sand of time
kept me company…

As I looked beyond the
sands to catch a sight of you
You did not come…

Missing you…
Pining for you…
Longing for you..
I wait at the sea-shore
with my love etched in sand…
With hope in my heart…
Because I believe… In your love!!

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8 Comments on "Etched In Sand"

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Geetha Paniker

A longing in the heart etched beautifully.

Savi Mani

wonderful poem …….love filled……….love etched on the sand may get washed away by the wave but the love which is etched on a lovers heart remains there forever, yes trust in one’s love is has always been the decisive factor and trusting one’s love is next to having faith in God…trust once broken results in broken hearts……good poem…you portrayed the true love so beautifully
I must admit you are one romantic poet…….

ammu sachariah

Not getting suitable words to comment this poem . Let me say, word are out of my reach. Wonderful.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

Because I believe in your… amazing talent…..I read your poem…….you did not disappoint me even an inch .


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