A Word

A Word short poem

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Take care, my dear, of the spoken word,
Bridging gaps is our guide word.
A word once spoken razes mountains beyond repair,
And craters of tears with endless despair.

Leaves scars does a scathing word,
The poisonous dagger doth stab but never heard,
A mocking word scoffs at the humble,
Speaking volumes of the self without a rumble.

A thunderous explosion is for all to hear,
Echoing a pandemonium of clutter to fill with fear,
Betrayal of speech is soon perceived,
Emptying the treachery of the coward that deceived.

Taunt is the venom forever oxygenated,
To keep the hatred fully generated,
Complaint is for those who never forgave,
Insecurity blinds them till their grave.

A word of authority let me advise,
Draws respect and adulation not to trivialise,
Broken hearts we cannot afford,
Take care, my dear, a word is but not a word.

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Balveen Cheema

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Balveen Cheema has been teaching English for 25 years. It is at the ripe age of 60 that she started penning her thoughts into poetry. Being brought up and educated by her grandparents in a cosmopolitan environs of Pune and visiting her parents in rural Punjab during her vacations, she shuttled between the modern and rural backgrounds . A strong streak of romanticism with nature and rustic pleasures is evident in many of her poems. At present she is residing in Chandigarh and still enjoying her first love, poetry!
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Geetha Paniker

Beautiful poem on words. Very true.

ammu sachariah

Words must be used carefully. You are correct. I enjoyed the poem.


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