Introspection short poem

Why do I feel this searing pain
That seems my very heat inflames
And in the depths of silence hush
It feels my soul with weight is crushed
Yes, my mind does wonder far
And seems my sanity does mar
I sink down low unto my knees
And pray the Gods do hear my pleas
A silent tear rolls down my cheek
My throat is choked, I cannot speak
Yet inwardly there is a light
That urges to CONTINUE fight
When will love to me be shown
Why must I live a life alone?
Can the path of fate be changed
Or will my mind become deranged?
What can I do, what must I be
To change the course of destiny?
Yes, I know, I want the chance
To laugh and smile and sing and dance
To wake with just a simple smile
And see his face for just a while
To take his hand and hold it tight
And know that fate says it is right
To give a love that’s so profuse
And become to him eternal muse’.

Poet’s Note –
Part of my series on the musings of the Goddess Isis

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Fiona Jamieson

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Fiona Jamieson has been writing poetry since childhood and is currently embarking on her first published works. Her current work mixes mythology and fantasy, using the central character of the Goddess Isis. Her latest writing is around the Goddess 'search for wisdom' and we see her meeting some of the great minds of time. She considers the issues of knowledge and wisdom and the past and how this influences current thinking. She illustrates her own poetry. Fiona also writes war poetry.
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The poem is filled with emotions of love, fear and longing…wonderful!



Introspection short poem

Living against the food amnesia gold bricks call for austerity in passage of the hunger. Canons hanging in their necks it was the silence of death. Whispers were floating in night. The bodies will free us from gold cure, tasting


Introspection short poem

When we are Hungry our stomach cries for food and we grab the food to eat while When Beggar is hungry He begs for food but we snub him out to satisfy our hungry stomach When our stomach is full

Rhetoric Introspection

Rhetoric Introspection short poem

I do not know what to regret anymore… that I cannot reach you through our memories, that an insane song cannot touch your soul, or that you reversed yourself on the other side of Life?!… I watched how spring drained