Diary Of A Schizophrenic

Diary Of A Schizophrenic long poem

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who knifed my wife; who took her soul
I do not know, I loved her so

was hard to see her bloody body
lying lifeless, an empty mess

I do not know who knifed my wife,
I was there that night,
singing her a lullaby

within minutes, I was in
a swamp of vampires that hollered in my head.
Stab her to death!

Kill her, they said.

Red and hot it beat, my heart
an insane rage ripped it apart

left as she slept, without a sound
hounded by the fiends who
followed me around

Ran to our room, rested, and soon
I looked to see the vampires
dancing on the moon

pulled out a blade and let them see
heard her scream
“Honey, stop! Please!”

I growled and howled and locked the door
the blade in my hand began to glow

sneers and jeers ringed their mouths, menace and mirth on devilish pout.
“Stop!” she cried, stupefied but the vampires began to fly
I know who dragged my wife like a beggar’s rag; the vampires, not I.

looked to see her sunk in blood
the fiends fighting on her head.

Hacked and cracked, stomped and stabbed.
the blade was bad and jagged.

with a feral moan they left her alone, alive.
her eyes had light but she died that night
Was it all a lie?

I do not know who killed my love
who slashed her body, took her soul
who hammered her from head to toe

I do not know
I loved her so!

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An Indian national, Sushi works as a teacher in Singapore. She dabbles in fiction frequently and one of her short stories appeared in "From the Depths" -- a literary journal published by Haunted Waters Press, USA. Her travel essay on Maldives was recently published in Jaggery, a literature journal that promotes South Asian writers.
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Nikita Mehendiratta

Sushi, I don’t know if it is something you have seen by yourself and by what this poem has inspired. But A very good work Indeed. Left touched by it. I wish if i could save it somewhere on this website.


wow wow that took me by surprise, as i know a few peopke aflicted so and although not to the exteme
of killing they have told me how voices take over at times. These days they have been taught methods
how to controll voices not the other way around.
At first I read your poem as true horror poem and then realized some truth in it to. You have captured
this illness well and of course it can also be read as true horror.

Geetha Paniker

Expressed so explicitly. Be it a thought or a haunting dream.

ammu sachariah

Imagination of a Schizophrenic patient is well expressed here. Good one.

Makaylah Downs

This was so incredibly written, wow. It’s Inspired. Great work! 🙂

Mukti Shah

You really managed to paint a picture!

Viswas Menon

@susheelamenon wonderful meta talk ….nice imagination….


Felt almost like a true account…or wasn’t it? But, I liked your play with words:)


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