Lively Raindrops

Lively Raindrops short poem

Photo by: Arun M Sivakrishna

Rain holds life,
In every little drop,
Hanging on every leaf and flower,
Reflecting without a mask.

Each lone drop,
Has a story to tell,
Of a struggle to hang on,
In its journey.

Like a teardrop,
It falls from a billowing cloud,
Still shines like a diamond,
Charming the heart.

Little drops hang tight,
On every flower,
Till a thirsty butterfly,
Comes along for a sip.

The hanging drops
Fall making a puddle,
And sink down,
Into a depth of the unknown.

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22 Comments on "Lively Raindrops"

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Saurin Desai

you create such vivid visuals in my mind with each of your stanzas… very nice

Savi Mani

nice short poem, felt like the rain drops representing each breath, each moment we live in life, taking origin from nowhere and then merging to the unknown……..lovely poem……..

Viswas Menon

@geetha_paniker…..well expressed…..a lovely pictorial ……

Laya Sarath

Wonderful geemme…rain is something I miss in this land 🙂 But then I could even got the invigoration smell of the mud after the first shot of rain :-)..that pure and strong your lines are …

ramakrishnan chatakondu

After enjoying a poem……..
As a token of appreciation we should leave something…………
…………..I am leaving my heart .

asoke kumar mitra

I love rain……….so I loved your write………beautifully presented with a new style of placing words……..poignant write

Neetu M.

The raindrops beautifully trickle through your poem!


I loved your poem. Nicely written.

ammu sachariah

I loved your poem. It includes everything.

Arpita Roy

lovely poem with a beautiful representation of rain holding life. 🙂

kwai chee low

Lovely poem; it makes one pause and ponder over the beauty of the raindrop and thus enjoy the moment. Raindrops are at once poetic and touch on romance; it is not surprising that there is at least one popular song written on raindrops.


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