Stranger In The Mirror

Standing stationary
But still in motion
Attract and repel
Discard old notions.

Sit up straight
Chest up high
Uncross your legs
Don’t you sigh!

Push your limits
Even if you die
Silence accompanies
All broken ties

On and On
I will go
From hearth to hearth
To and Fro

Wrinkled folds
On my feet
With loving care
You have to treat

Walls I will build
Deceit I weave
If you protest
Watch me leave

Use your mouth
Damn the eyes
Err, I will
And never apologize!

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Mukti Shah

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A Clinical Psychologist, Facilitator, Baker and Candlestick maker! Love to write. My career is based on the spoken word. I use words to connect, heal, create insight, facilitate growth and evoke laughter.Words twirl and curtsy, They do as you say. Accurate and reliable, They don’t betray! Cheers!
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I talk to myself often and realize that the person within us is not really such a stranger as we often tend to think..Nicely put across poem!


The poem breathes positivity and makes me pumped up to ACT! Thanks so much:)


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