Stroke Of Words

Stroke Of Words short poem

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In your eyes,
I watched fireflies dancing…

I listen to a song within my heart,
shredded, broken whispers…

at dusk listening to the music of falling leaves
laid bare
my heartaches…

tonight, it rains with thunder,
being alone is quite different
from being lonely,

love forever means an empty room
midnight traps grow around

in your eyes I find lost manuscripts of my poems…

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14 Comments on "Stroke Of Words"

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Geetha Paniker

That’s a beautiful one.

Saurin Desai

“in your eyes I find lost manuscripts of my poems…”


Viswas Menon

Wow….@asokekumar……looking forward to the compilation of the “lost manuscripts of your poems” that you have now found …..

well written…

ammu sachariah

Beautiful poem. I loved it.

Natalie Ducey

Beautiful words…I really enjoy your work. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂



A beautiful poem.

Aditi Roy

From my knowledge, I have clearly understood & experienced that,
LOVE means shredding of heart,
LOVE means breaking of whispers
bearing sudden heartaches
feeling a sudden loneliness
& loosing yourself into manuscripts that are lost…..

Its feeling good to write to you after a very long time
You inspire me a lot

Thank you
Aditi Roy


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