Silence elegy

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Sometimes I think
about everything
and in my wonder all my thoughts they do shudder
a neurological network gone asunder

a beautifully terrible bundle of fibers my Mind carefully stutters
an enemy larger than life, yet a friend which could save thee from strife
it all is my Mind, a bittersweet device

I plea and I bargain, lifeless like earth with no air
I beg for your words, for life lies within there
yet when you finally do speak, refuge I must seek
I hold no true fear other than my Mind when it speaks

the darkness is safer, a place of relief
the battles are over
how could I love such defeat?
a price I cannot pay, when you demand my beliefs

don’t bother me now
don’t send your words nigh
I have sought you once before
but in doing so one surely must die
after much resistance I realized that it surely is I

silence now
we need not speak
though a partnership would take us from common men to kings
You and I cannot exist as one entity, for your words they do kill

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My son….born artist….God Bless


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