Glimpse Of Horrors Untold

Glimpse Of Horrors Untold elegy

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Staring at the ceiling, counting the cracks in the wall, at times, silence gets too loud!
So i ask myself,”why me”? My inner self replies,”someone had to come to the hem of hell,
To witness the truth and tell the world. Solitary-barrenness-emptiness-alone- forgotten.
I hear the wind, crying into my locked window. And the rain is like teardrops.
Like the raindrops, i count, i hear the beats my heart makes.-solitary-
Life is sweet, but freedom sweeter! The small voice in my head, keeps telling me not to give up.
Don’t lose your dreams. I yell in silence, 22years wasted in the belly of the razor wire,
How much more can one take of this human warehouse? But nothing to do,
Taught me a valuable lesson. – survival!- yes, i survive each day, survival i know well.
I’ve learned to survive without the basic necessities and saw that i could do anything now.
Once enslaved in the belly of the razor wire, you tend to lose all sense of reality,
And think you have lost your mind. You have if you get lost in this weary wanderland.
Like alice in wonderland, this is the looking glass. Once you enter, its become a world gone mad!
Its a journey through hell! You hurry up to wait and for what? Nothing!
Often i contemplate on what my soul sees. The jabber of voices pounds in my ear.
Wanting to be heard, but words meaning nothing. Many lessons i’ve learned,
But what i experienced overshadows all that i though i knew.
Seeing the negative and the pure evil around you. If theres a wrong then right has to exist.
Realizing that i had come face to face with the essence of satan.
The balance of power, here, is a dangerous game! The devil sneaks in to claim all souls.

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i am free, i'm not of this world,im just in this world for a short time,just passing through. i wasn't afraid of life so i'm sure not afraid of death. that will be my release fromall rastrictions of this life
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