The Man Who Does Not Know What Love Is

The Man Who Does Not Know What Love Is long poem

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Been trying to avoid the subject for days now
But every time I open my mouth
I say something

I know what I did was callous and cruel
Unkind, worse – disrespectful,
But I

Let me apologise please, no, not let
I didn’t mean give me permission
I know I

You need space, I understand,
And I am willing to do that
To go away

I realise you are not sending me away
I just need to know that this
That this is not

I am sorry for my actions, it was a
She screams and throws her
Wedding ring

I let the door come to behind me and
I walk down the stairs, I want her not
To cry, I want her to know I love her

Coffee stains the snow; his cup has
Been violently discarded; nothing is as kitsch
As the pain of the broken hearted
Once he feels that, the man who does not
Know what love is has nowhere left to

I return; shoes off, padding up the stairs
I need her forgiveness for my actions
Before I can give her time and space

Just this one thing, I will say just this
One thing and then I will go
I promise you

I had not noticed she was dressed
Her bag packed and her lipstick
Roughly hewn

She put her finger to my lips and her lips
To my cheek, and with the merest hint of
A smile, departed

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Keep On Keepin’ On

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Trevor Maynard (1963) was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. He is the editor of The Poetic Bond series including THE POETIC BOND, THE POETIC BOND II, THE POETIC BOND III and THE POETIC BOND IV. Trevor's new poetry collection KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON is now available. He read Theatre Studies and Dramatic Art at Royal Holloway College and has worked for ten years in the theater, writing, directing and producing. Trevor is married to Jo and has four kids, six grandchildren, as well as a cat. Other works include FOUR TRUTHS (2010), a collection of four one act plays, and two single plays, GLASS and FROM PILLOW TO POST.
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Nikita Mehendiratta

He did i guess. 🙂

Nikita Mehendiratta

At this moment of time he has come to know seems like if not earlier.


Isn’t it dreadful to even think of not knowing love in our lives? Very well put across!


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