That Night

That Night long poem

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The last corn popped expansively
Unnecessarily loud, in a paper bag on a round glass base
In a ten year old microwave (a good tool);
Jennifer awaits, our first night in, alone together

Her parents are at the cinema; her brother
X-box bound, is paid to stay where he’d be anyway
The Family Cat has sleep to catch up on.

We sit, prim and proper, for all of thirty seconds
Then watch none of the film rented. After,
We are happily dishevelled, furtively glancing to the door
The electronic tick is loud from the clock in the hall

Old smoke, peat, and aniseed mingle, waking us from our doze

That and the giggling
The tumbling shoes
The clock falling off the wall
The swearing
More laughing
Loud whispers

Automatically we run red, act guilty, and await the Wrath

Popcorn taps into a glass bowl. Penny, Carl, her parents’ names,
Are unfamiliar and strange to my ears, and they alternate with
Be Quiet, Hurry up and, unnervingly, Baby Doll,
Then a door closes too quickly, too firmly
A floorboard creaks too loudly

I am shocked
Jenny is amused

She kisses me farewell
Streetlights flicker, the colour of a wood burning fire
In a country pub; it aches that I will have to wait until tomorrow
To see her again, to feel her again, wanting to, but not knowing if, we will make love again

What if that was enough for her? I am wrecked
I return, I knock on the door, her mother answers;
You forgot your keys, Jenny said you would
Probably come back for them. Goodnight.

I squirmed away, and it began to rain heavily in my heart.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Keep On Keepin’ On

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Trevor Maynard (1963) was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. He is the editor of The Poetic Bond series including THE POETIC BOND, THE POETIC BOND II, THE POETIC BOND III and THE POETIC BOND IV. Trevor's new poetry collection KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON is now available. He read Theatre Studies and Dramatic Art at Royal Holloway College and has worked for ten years in the theater, writing, directing and producing. Trevor is married to Jo and has four kids, six grandchildren, as well as a cat. Other works include FOUR TRUTHS (2010), a collection of four one act plays, and two single plays, GLASS and FROM PILLOW TO POST.
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Each act, each human emotion so beautifully expressed in this poem…Amazing!


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