Even should Lawrence expiate the pity

Even should Lawrence expiate the pity long poem

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Even should Lawrence expiate the pity
Describe in metaphor as he will the fig and snake
None of this is as anything to this
Two centuries later exceeding the equal of the take

I mean, what goes through your mind
By which I mean, what goes through mine
Visions, fantasies, pictured of all women
And yet only one of any consequence, thine

I look to the bann on the left
As the right chokes and splices – pulls open
Just friction, not faction, not real,
It’s the relief, it’s to be bad rhyming – copin’

Romance is not dead, it is waning,
It is wanting, it is wanted,
Needed as pollen needs a bee to suckle
Take me, take me, I am the flaunted

‘Tis age, ‘tis familiarity says my cat
Black upon the mat with a nose of grey
I stroke his fur, I caress her skin,
She sleeps through my engorged way

God, it’s so gross, so visceral,
If only we could go back and experience anew
First contact, the joy of exploration , of not knowing
The triggers, the spots, the morning dew

I wake, night after the night before,
Felt alone, woke with gentle finger with my rasp
Her eyelids rem with dreams and I wonder
How such a beautiful one as she is within my grasp

You see, in the cold light of day
Or even in warm rays of sunrise
With equal measure I am of sadness and joy
We are the stuff of eternal truth and terminal lies

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Keep On Keepin’ On

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Trevor Maynard (1963) was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. He is the editor of The Poetic Bond series including THE POETIC BOND, THE POETIC BOND II, THE POETIC BOND III and THE POETIC BOND IV. Trevor's new poetry collection KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON is now available. He read Theatre Studies and Dramatic Art at Royal Holloway College and has worked for ten years in the theater, writing, directing and producing. Trevor is married to Jo and has four kids, six grandchildren, as well as a cat. Other works include FOUR TRUTHS (2010), a collection of four one act plays, and two single plays, GLASS and FROM PILLOW TO POST.
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I loved the words ‘We are the stuff of eternal truth and terminal lies’ Nicely written.


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