An Addict, Am I?

An Addict, Am I? short poem

Photo by Liz Henry

What human values have we today,
Than just seeking a helluva lot of
Happiness for the notifications
When the virtual defeats reality
Am I too in same cage?
To forget my Man and Sons and Daughters
And care about gadgets more than anything?
Do I not want my man home
And do I not give kindreds a care?
What am I; A woman?
Or a replica without a heart?

I have no space for life, hunger and thirst
My ears abundant with complaints,
And scolding from Sons and Lovers,
Why not have I time for them and myself?
Look at me, how beautiful I was in reality
Now, old, skinny dainty in virtuality…
Where has my family and happiness gone
And why I find myself alone, all in all
How more years would I live to understand
I Am an addict, Am I Not?

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10 Comments on "An Addict, Am I?"

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Geetha Paniker

That is a thought provoking one, Laya.

Savi Mani

Dear Laya loved your poem, we all are addicted to this addiction, giving a dent in all our relations, it may be called a curse of modern times, or some may also call it a boon, the crack in the relations which start appearing are not noticeable in the beginning and when it surfaces, it is too late to mend……….very thought provoking poem indeed!!!!!

ramakrishnan chatakondu

Difficult to mark the good lines………
……..because the whole poem is good .

Viswas Menon

@laya_sarath… wonderful it will be to have the cake and eat it too…..the human mind craves for expression….appreciation and love….virtual or real….is immaterial… is a boon ..realizing its addiction is another boon….

…life and love will live on with or without technological addictions….that is the beauty of life….and beauty of love…beauty of relationship…

keep writing..keep thinking….get addicted …get detached…….get attached…..get life into your life….live on….you have only one life…

ammu sachariah

Beautiful poem. Words are not sufficient to appreciate . I loved it .


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