Amidst Recall


Amidst Recall short poem

Effervescent is the youth
Making a merry recall
Innocent is the child
Seeking treasure in all
Placid is the thought
When I stare in oblivious
Wind whispers tenderly
Wet sand my feet caress
Waves lash to and fro
Making me sense serene
And I descend deep
Into this magnificent dream
A vision of laughing angels
Running and embracing me
Clutching my maverick heart
And setting my spirit free
A force within me shimmers
Resplendent, divine, intense
Is this my thought or is it me
Or is this a pure essence
Shake me not from reverie
Hold my hand to your heart
A divine angel you will touch

Recall its you …my one part!

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Charu Gulati

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A quote to describe most of me : I am STRONG because I am WEAK I am BEAUTIFUL because I know my FLAWS I am a LOVER because I am a FIGHTER I am FEARLESS because I have been AFRAID I am WISE because I have been FOOLISH ....And..... I can LAUGH because I have known SADNESS !
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Editorial Board

When a free spirit meets the ‘divine force’ within, a poem like this one comes to life. Like a sudden magic waiting to happen. @Charu_Gulati you take your readers to a different, a wonderful world. Your words breathe. They really do.

John Marks

I liked your poem Charu. It breathes your breath. I liked the switches in syntax to foreground certain words (When I stare in oblivious/ Wind whispers tenderly). Wind is oblivious, it doesn’t care. Write well.


Reyvrex Questor Reyes

There is youthful innocence and childlike playfulness in the poem. Very pleasant wordings that sound a rhyme in cheerfulness.

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

I also like the angel pictured embracing the globe.



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