Beneath Laughter

Beneath Laughter prose poem

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What dwells within the deepest, most utter, most core
of one who laughs yet longs for truth and to be true
to oneself with another human being…not hiding.
But, it is being mentally, emotionally and spiritually naked.
It’s frightening, perhaps embarrassing,
yet true liberty and freedom.
To find this with another is rare.
Especially with its true longevity growing more and more
like rare jewels or gold being refined by fire
and ever changing in likeness and uniqueness
until two become one spirit, mind,
and soul flying away into eternity.
It begins with quietness within oneself
away from the chaos of the world…
perhaps in the dark where two sets of eyes meet
and lock from a distance.
Then the mind begins to work with curiosity and mystery
with an undefined connection unfolding in united chemistry,
which begins with the unification of two minds
thinking similarly at one point.
The magnetism that draws two ever closer in distance.
This must be remembered as something that began
with that mysterious glance
which led magnetism of body, soul, spirit, and mind
and ends with love which ironically budded
the seed of attraction within the mind to begin with.

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The Arts have always inspired me. I began exploring the art of writing poetry at 9 years old. It became one of my passions because it allowed me to express myself and respond to my inner promptings in a positive way. I found that as with any art form there are no right or wrong ways of creating. This is the beauty of art...there are no limitations. The only requirement is that the poet be courageous enough to release his inhibitions and follow his heart and imagination. Along my path in life, I have discovered that writing poetry is , at its most, a truly liberating experience that not only reveals the nature surrounding us, but in reflecting the inner life of mankind.
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I love this poem…the words are magnetic!


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