Nameless Dot on a Perilous Quest

Will it rain tonight?
And clean the gaping blisters?
Wash away the dirt and slimy froths?
Soften the scales and scabies?
And will it make me pure again?
Ah, let it rain tonight.
Bro said, with icy looks,
“Damn you, It’s a pleasant place,
Off with your scaly scabies.
It’s to show the regal splendour
Outtasite with your anal blisters”.
I wonder, and am scared too
Will he,
One day
Put me too
Under that regal rug he still keeps,
That used to sheath all our esoteric secrets?
Will he,
Then whack me to shreds
And feed the bits to the ravens at his call?

Mercy, I plead.
Yes, It’s raining you see.
I am right there where you left me
Soaked to the bones, like a frozen toad.
The pool trickles around is a
Scape of morbid hues
Coming off sins heinous
I never even knew.
Close by, fallen buds on a tiny barrow
Whisper the tales of yesterdays
On their voyage, to the worlds unknown.
And my wait is still on,
To get, anointed again.
Nobody came yet.
None may.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Songs of a Solitary Tree: Graphical Verses of Sublime Snippets

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Arun M Sivakrishna

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A reluctant writer and a sunday photographer. Recently published a collection of poems "Songs Of A Solitary Tree". Writes in English and malayalam
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Nadeem Qazilbash

We have to wait in hope, as we have no choice.



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