Where Were You?

Where Were You? short poem

Photo by Anne Worner

It’s kind of odd
All the same a tad bit sad too
Crossing the paths again
After an unceremonious and
Perhaps acrimonious end to all of it.
Eyes, once sparkles at seeing me were
As dead as that of a cod-fish
Crimson cheeks, Ah
That reminded of the setting sun
The day we parted ways;
Now a pale reminder of a Vampire’s leftover and
Painful it was, seeing her like that.
Her quivering lips, tried in vain
To strike a smile
May be not to weep.
Yet, before the sighs and puffs
Fan up the dormant cinders in me,
I walked out
Into the still raining night
Whistling through the rain on my face
“Where were you,
When I weathered all these
Rains alone?!

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Songs of a Solitary Tree: Graphical Verses of Sublime Snippets

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Arun M Sivakrishna

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A reluctant writer and a sunday photographer. Recently published a collection of poems "Songs Of A Solitary Tree". Writes in English and malayalam
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4 Comments on "Where Were You?"

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Yes another sad poem, indeed we often think when troubled about people who have left us.
Your poems bring out true inner feelings.

Shamala Chandran

Searching for a beloved… very well expressed here…


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