Faded Out Frames

Faded Out Frames short poem

Photo by riosetiawan

I Heard, come what may
We would revisit those spaces,
Once cherished and left midway
For, the memories, they pull.
Those incomplete sweet nothings
Crooned together with a certain heart
Which we wanted to make our own,
And the words that trailed off with a lump in throat
When the same slowly and painstakingly
Faded out of the frames,
Yet, lingers somewhere deep down
In half closed morsels.
Don’t we long to complete those half seen
Dreams again?!
To mend a heart that’s broken in shreds?
Don’t you dream to reignite a
Spark that failed to flame?
I do..

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Songs of a Solitary Tree: Graphical Verses of Sublime Snippets

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Arun M Sivakrishna

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A reluctant writer and a sunday photographer. Recently published a collection of poems "Songs Of A Solitary Tree". Writes in English and malayalam
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3 Comments on "Faded Out Frames"

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ammu sachariah

A brilliant write. We always wish to complete whatever we left incomplete. I enjoyed your poem.

Shamala Chandran

Wish time would stop and I would go back to certain parts of my life… well written..and well expressed!


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