The Garden Rose That Stood All Alone

The Garden Rose That Stood All Alone short poem

Photo by T.Kiya

When the world goes to sleep,
When everything is hushful,
When the most attractive things lose their beauty,
A garden rose stands all alone, resolving to fulfill her duty.

Her petals keep on falling
One after the other.
Slowly, but to return again,
To the ground where they are gathered.

She is still a pretty sight
To those who pay attention,
And the source of an on-looker’s delight
Or a passer-by’s distraction.

She stands there on her own
Accompanied by breezes only,
That sway her to and fro.
Oh! She does look lonely.

Well, at least she thinks she does.
But say this I simply must
That there is someone nearby
Who will love her by and by.

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Anne Jauhari

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I am a girl who loves English literature, Mathematics and French. The dull skies during the rainy season bring me the most joyous thoughts and feelings..
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5 Comments on "The Garden Rose That Stood All Alone"

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I am impressed with your talent. Wonderful poem.

Zahra A.

this is beautiful.

ammu sachariah

Beautiful poem. Keep writing

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Well done’s really beautiful.very deep.cheers.

devanshi GUPTA

indeed one the most beautifull poems i have seen


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