My Last Poem

You will always be my great love
So true, it consumed me
It’s the kind everyone would want to have
Warnings, dangers, I refused to see

My heart is broken
I cannot stop the tears from fallin’
I love you so much
And it hurts that we can’t have each other as such

I will always love you
Deep in my heart, it will always and forever be you
You have made me fight for something impossible
It was so difficult but I was always able

You’ll always have a piece of me
And I never wanted to be free
But you crave it
And it makes me feel like a misfit

You are my one and only
And forever will be,
The best part of me,
And after this, you’ll see

Thank you for accepting me
It was short and I need to flee
Because staying with me for you is torture
That’s how you feel, I’m sure

My life is meaningless without you
I don’t know what to do
Except maybe to continue
The life I thought I’d forever have with you

I’m sorry I was unlucky
Never knew it will become this rocky
I want to see you become a success
And I know you will be, nevertheless

Goodbyes are not forever
But I am not that clever
So I think I need to let you go
I want you to know my heart says no, no, no

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Rezzia Janelle Verroya

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I'm independent-minded, determined and persistent. Many say that I have a very strong personality. I don't intentionally intimidate people yet i can't resist to be quite outspoken and firm with regards to my beliefs and ideas. Frankly, I'm not the shy or the timid type. I'm actually a bit brutal and  impossible in a few ways but only when the situation demands. I'm friendly and outgoing. Still, I'm surprisingly quiet and reserved when I'm rationalizing my thoughts and sentiments, when I'm in my pondering state or simply when i don't feel like talking at all.. I love to write. Personally, it's a release of bad energy and a gain of a clean and a stronger one. I take it as my refuge. Writing gives me a peace of mind. It's one of my most treasured means of escape. I also have an addiction to books that a personal collection is apparently inevitable. Reading gives me space and consents me to meander in a world and time that are mine alone.. I'm more of a realist though I may appear to have plenty of ideals. I guess i just want change to start both from the inside and the outside of the person. Everything's basically interconnected with one another.. I also engage into untypical activities that tend to bother and cause anxious lines on a few foreheads yet I can't subject myself to any act of justification of my many eccentric interests. What I do is based on what I feel and what I enjoy. I don't like puppeteers as well as hypocrites and chauvinists. Social Stratification doesn't imply over- and-under- utilization of rights. I'm a humanist despite existing prejudices and stereotypes. In this globally-modernized society, a flunker doesn't literally pertain to a loser. Nonetheless, one has to stand for oneself in order to cope with the modernities and stalactites of an inconstant reality. My standards may somewhat be a form of social deviation but I greatly believe in the subjectivity of living towards the realization and attainment of one's goals and aspirations as well as the exploration of one's existence.
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Savi Mani

Dear Rezzia the pain of losing your love, the pain of letting him go is well reflected in the poem, the heart yearns to hold on to your love, not letting him go but one has to let go one’s love, for one reason or other……love is not binding, nor love is selfish, and one should be happy that he/she had given their best to the relation, though the poem says “My Last Poem” yet poetry is a way of self-expression the more one writes, the more one opens up and feels good…………keep writing……..liked your poem and felt the sadness……


True love will win through in the end Rezzia.Don’t EVER give up on your first true love.It may be that he was suffering stress at the time and maybe felt undeserving of you.If he is a good guy he will wait for you.I hope and feel that he will wait until the end of time for you,because quite frankly,looking at those beautiful words you wrote,how could the man possibly let you go?


Don’t ever give up Rezzia Janelle.Please don’t ever give up.He will come back for you one day.He will put right what he did wrong.Please believe and have faith in him.He’s only a man after all.He will draw strength from knowing you believe in him.The love second time round will be a much sweeter love.Wait…..just wait …if it is God’s will then it will happen.Some things are meant to be.


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